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Monday, February 26, 2007

Our Town (1940)

Oh wow. I watched the 1940 film Our Town yesterday because I want to write an essay on the film’s score by Aaron Copland, a growing favourite of mine. Copland made a roughly 10-minute suite from the score, which is wonderful to listen to on its own, and even better in the film itself.

Our Town was more homey than I could ever imagine. Every character has their own story, and it was brought out in a way that’s hard to describe. It’d be great if I could find somebody who has also seen this film. It has a human narrator, as in one that moves throughout the story, being characters inside the film, and not just a voice. He explains every single character, main or minor, and does it in such a simple yet special way. I’m honestly in a pickle with trying to explain it... I’m sorry!

But Copland’s score for Our Town was fantastic. Such a simple theme for the town itself; it just weaves through the story so smoothly. My favourite scene, which almost brought a tear, was when the narrator walks through the cemetary, getting deeper into the story. The harmonic chords that play as he says “there’s something eternal about every human being” were so beautiful, and the continuous build-up is even better. If you rent this movie, watch for that scene. I was just in awe at how well the words and music came together... contemplative!

If you’ll check out the film, don’t stop there! Listen to the suite! It is simple, but delicate with its melody and even when it grows. Let me know what you think! :)