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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Yaay, I'm back home for the holidays... no more classes or exams for quite a while... such a good feeling. I can now catch up to my reading, and I know I'll have LOADS to post after I go through them.

But, of course, being back for Christmas means I have to be careful about over-eating. In the past few months, I've become a health nut and exercising a lot more.. however.. I was unable to foresee my newest obsession...

POP-TARTS!! Yeh, I am a little late.. and I have no excuse.

When I was a little girl, my older sister would eat these every morning. I think I ate a few, but I was never fascinated by them, partly because they were in boring flavours like "Strawberry" and "Blueberry".

So, obviously, the main reason Pop-tarts are so popular is because NOW they come in all these fun flavours... Smores, Chocolate Fudge, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Hot Fudge Sundae.. aaand the list goes on. They're just sooo fun to eat and even collect.. like Pocky! The only smart thing Kellogg's can do is continue making crazy flavours, like "Neapolitan Nonsense".. ooor "Tropical Zing"... they should just keep going!

I think the main reason I got into them was because my diet is very boring... Pop-tarts and their bright-coloured boxes make me happy now. :) I wish they kept making the one that's below!!


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