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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Back to school!

COFFEE!!!!!! I've gotten into the habit of drinking coffee on my most dreadful day of the week... Wednesdays. Why hump day? I have SEVEN courses on the day. Yikes! It's because I took Film History as a non-music elective. My father suggested I drop it, and it would've made my term a bit easier, but honestly... the stress is worth it. Because I want to be a film composer, I have decided to take as many film studies courses as possible... I want to learn as MUCH about the history of film (beginning to now) as I can. It fascinates me so... almost as much as music (but not quite there!). The other film course I'm taking is Hitchcock and Modernity, which I find interesting because we are looking at not only Hitchcock's popular works, but also at his very early works.. before he moved to Amerrr-i-ca! All of this is amazing.

I just wanted to blab since I haven't posted on here in so long. Hmmm.. what else can I talk about...

I LOOOOOOVE THE MARX BROTHERS!! They made my summer very enjoyable. I watched a LOT of early films during my summer break, and the first Marx Brothers film I came across was 'A Night at the Opera'. It was the first film that I borrowed that centered around comedy, so I was quite surprised at its liveliness. Jokes were told here and there.. I almost couldn't keep up! It got me interested, and I watched a few more... the most recent I saw was 'Monkey Business' which had me on the floor. I'm going to save up some money to buy this -->> <<-- because it's so damn worth it. Also, I recently learned how to compose for Harp, so Harpo's instrument solo is always a pleasure to watch.. he uses a lot of extended techniques! :D


  • At 8:30 PM, Blogger Eddie Fitzgerald said…

    I read from the bottom up, so I didn't know you were going to be a film composer til I read this! Good luck with it! I like your taste in music!

  • At 8:32 PM, Blogger Aggie said…

    Thanks Eddie, you're the sweetest. :)


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