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I usually blab about film scores on this blog, but I don't mind the occasional tangent towards other interests. :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wake up.

Time to start typing on this BS (I mean BlogSpot, freaks).

I started one two years ago, but I thought I'd start fresh. Here's what's going on with me..

-I'm now in university (finishing first year).
-Studying music
-I want to be a film composer.
-I'm working on my first film score for an independent film.
-I own an iPod mini (and an iDog.. new feature.. ruff ruff!)
-I'm still a Disney freak (oh, and Pixar too. Cars comes out June 9th. Mark your calendar.)
-I'm trying to draw more in my spare time (expect stuff to be shown here).
-I was a vegetarian for a week.
-I've been dreaming more about missiles.

No fooling. Big, long missiles. One of my dreams had two in the air, and when one of them hit the ground it created a huge pile of smoke that formed into the shape of a castle which reminded me of one I saw during my trip in the UK.

I'm tired and hungry for some sort of dinner.. too bad the food on campus sucks. Don't forget me.