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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

On The Track

Apparently, I was soooo good this year that ol' Santa gave me my present a month in advance! I'm very excited to sink my brains into it...

On The Track

Revised Second Edition by Fred Karlin (2004)

I've been trying to find a recent film score book for a while now, and it looks like this is the closest. It's a big ass book (a little over 500 pages) so I'll probably spend most of my time reading it during the winter holiday. I've been hearing that this is like the bible for aspiring film composers. I sure hope so.

I only read the forward so far, written by John Williams. I'm not a big fan of the man, but his words do want me to continue reading. Alas, exams are coming up. Maybe a few pages per night. :)


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