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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Post related to random things #1

Can you ask for anything hotter? The way Elvis sings the word 'witchcraft'... ooooooooh yes! If I get into them harmonizing, I'll faint so let's just move on...

THIS is now in your local music/DVD stores. I'll give you an opinion on it when my mailbox gets it (it'll be in random post #2), but the trailers on John's blog have easily bought me... like witchcraft! Get this DVD now and support more Ren and Stimpy episodes in the future!

I recently bought the score to The Natural (by Randy Newman). I'll review it after I see the film in August with my sissie and bro-in-law. Note: Don't be stupid and review a score without watching the film, okay?

I'm working on a score with an independent Toronto studio called Pinebender Films. I love calling the two guys a 'studio'... hahaha... it sounds big. It's going to be different from what I usually do, but I'm doing what I can to give them the sound they want.. it's their film after all. I might post samples when all is sweetly done.

Enjoy your weekend, fellas.


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